Competitor price monitoring
for Ecommerce and Brands

For Ecommerce

Increase your sales with our automated pricing system

Create your own triggers and optimise automatically the prices of your products depending on the changes of your competitors.

Automated pricing for ecommerce

For Brands

Control your distributors' prices to avoid MSRP infractions

Discover which distributors are selling below the recommended selling price and which of them are out of stock on your products.

Dsitribuitors control for brands

Analysing products of the best brands

Boardfy controls Samsung
Boardfy controls Adidas
Boardfy controls Asics
Boardfy controls Prosegur
Boardfy controls Amix
Boardfy controls Clinique
Boardfy controls Bosch
Boardfy controls Revlon
Boardfy controls Lenovo
Boardfy controls Disney
Boardfy controls Sony
Boardfy controls Playmobil

Discover how Boardfy works

Import your products from an excel file, marketplace or CMS

All your products must have at least the Price, SKU and EAN fields.

Easily discover who is selling your products

In just one look you could see which competitors have better prices than you, if you are an ecommerce; or control your distributors prices if you are a brand.

We compare millions of prices from competitors and distributors all around the globe

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