First-Mover Technology

Stop being reactive and start being proactive

Detect who has been the first distributor that has reduced its price below your MSRP and eliminate the problem from the root.

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The technology that all brands should have

The First-Mover is the key to protecting your distribution network

We get to the origin

Discover who was the first

Boardfy’s price tracking speed will let you know who and at what time the price has dropped in order to identify the seller that can trigger a massive price drop on your products.

Don’t wait to be warned

Alert your Accountant automatically

Configure First-Mover alerts so that your Key Accountant receives an email when one of their distributors has been the first to lower their price below your MSRP.

As flexible as you need it

Automation rules

Configure your rules as you wish, and decide when you want to receive automatic reports or alerts to act and not wait for the rest of your distribution network to complain about the First-Mover.

Reduce your infractions
Monitor, analyze and act
Unlimited distributors

Automated and unlimited detection of your distributors in real-time.

Product’s Rating

We detect and track the evolution of your product’s ratings.

Distributors’s Rating

Monitor the rating of your distributors on platforms such as Google Shopping or Amazon.

With or without shipping

Configure the platform to display prices with or without the shipping price.

Protect your online channel

You are not going to miss an incorrect price again, take care of your brand, protect your prices.

Price history

Compare the price history of your products with your MSRP and filter by any given distributor.

Hundreds of integrations available
Sync your store in minutes

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