Discover automatically who is selling your products

You can examine from one single board your complete list of sellers, as well as their origin, the quantity of products they are selling and the number of MSRP violations per seller.

Introduce your products easily

Provide us a product feed and soon you will be able to manage your catalogue from Boardfy. You can categorise your products or classify them by trademark.

Receive customised alerts

Find out about new sellers coming on the scene and new MSRP violations that have taken place during the day through email alerts. You can customise them to receive the data whenever you like, and be informed on new changes on your online distribution channels.

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Monitor ecommerce prices

We show your online distributors, their products and prices in real time, and a record of the prices changes sorted by product and seller.

Detect who is selling your products under the MSRP

Now you can protect your brand image with our price radar. Detect MSRP violations and every retailer’s price modifications to verify that your conditions are followed.

Enjoy 15 days for free!

No credit card required