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Open your online shop

Get the product feed you send to Promofarma

Send it to us and start improving your sales

Done! Monitor your competitors and optimise your profits at Promofarma.

Optimise your catalogue

Our optimisation algorithm will select every product in your catalogue that can be improved. After that, you will be able to create different categories and display them according to several filters.

Detect unlimited pharmacies automatically

Discover all the pharmacies that compete with you in Promofarma. You will know how many competitors you have, the amount of products you are competing with them, the quantity of products where they have better of worse prices than you…

Integrate your costs to visualise your profits

Our costs integration system will show your current operating margin as well as the margin you would have if you equal the price of your best competitor.
40% of our customers discovered with Boardfy that they have been losing money with many of their products without knowing it.

Optimize your prices now

Ask for a free audit of up to 500 products

Receive email alerts with price modifications

Keep track of the price changes that have taken place throughout the day with email alerts. Set them to know whenever you want which products are no longer in the best price position or if any competitor has matched your prices.

Deactivate those products where you are not competitive

Focus on the products where you can make money and offer a better price than the other pharmacies.

Discover the products where you have no competitors

Our system detects the products of your catalogue that nobody else is selling in Promofarma. Don’t waste any more time: add those products and get all the sales.