Price Intelligence

Sorting your competitors in real time according to their price will allow you to establish smart pricing strategies for your ecommerce.

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Available for any ecommerce and

  • google-shopping
  • amazon
  • ebay
  • walmart

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Automated matching

Your catalogue will be crawled automatically offering you the data of your competitors instantly. You will discover competitors that you did not know.

Competitors Analysis

We analyze product by product to all your competitors, their prices and their sales positions in any of the marketplaces. Unlimitedly.

Personalized filters

Classify your competitors efficiently and focus on what is important by applying filters by category, brand, seller…

Equipped with what is necessary to make the right pricing

Integrate your costs

Discover the profit margin for each product and create your pricing strategies around it. Avoid losing money again without knowing it.

Email alerts

Create personalized alerts to keep track of the evolution of your prices and the movements of your competitors with the right information at the right time.

Price progression

Prices are a living entity whose evolution can obtain very valuable information. You will get informed of the the trend of each article.

Exportable reports

You will be able to export all the information that Boardfy offers you of your products in a couple of clicks. Choose the data you need and manage it comfortably.

Price changes

You can change your prices from Boardfy with one click, although you can also do it automatically with our Dynamic Pricing solution.

Sales opportunities

The ideal sales scenario is a market without competition. Keep up to date with what items you can sell being the unique seller.

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Synchronize your catalogue with a couple of clicks

Free tools and plugins designed to take full advantage of your online store or your marketplaces stores, thanks to the automatic sync with Boardfy.

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Competitors monitoring

Take advantage of pricing competitive analysis.

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Dynamic Pricing

Set prices adapted to the market behavior with our repricing system.

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Campaigns optimization

Generate competitive product feeds to optimize your campaigns on Google Shopping.

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Brand Hub

Access to a detailed vision of the market and control the infringements of your brand.

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