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Increase your sales in just 3 steps


Open your shop at Amazon


Get your API Key


Send it to us and start improving your sales

Done! Monitor your competitors, win the Buy Box and optimise your profits at Amazon.


Change your prices with automatic rules

Our optimisation algorithm will select every product in your catalogue that can be improved. After that, you will be able to create different categories and display them according to several filters.


Detect who has the Buy Box

Find out which competitors have the Buy Box or if you have recently lost it. Decide your following steps to get it back or to prevent your competitors from taking it away.


Detect unlimited competitors automatically

Discover all the competitors for your products in just one screen. You will know how many competitors you have depending on their nationality, the amount of products you are competing with them, the quantity of products where they have better of worse prices than you, if they have the Buy Box or if their products are in FBA…


Detect who has their products in FBA

Our system shows you the products you have in FBA, as well as those your competitors have. Find out immediately who is using the Amazon Premium shipping service.


Integrate your costs to visualise your profits

Our costs integration system will show your current operating margin as well as the margin you would have if you equal the price of your best competitor.
40% of our customers discovered with Boardfy that they have been losing money with many of their products without knowing it.


Discover the products where you have no competitors

Our system detects the products of your catalogue that nobody else is selling in Amazon. Don’t waste any more time: add those products and get all the sales.

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Price Intelligence

Analyze the positions of your competitors
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