Dynamic Pricing AI

Optimize your prices in real-time

Boardfy allows you to change prices in your store manually, through simulations or automatically thanks to our Dynamic Pricing built with Artificial Intelligence.

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Unlimited possibilities

Improve your prices and increase your margins

Hundreds of available variables

Dynamic price changes

Manage the price of your products intelligently with a pricing strategy based on the programming of business rules and connected in real time with your online store and marketing channels.

Semi-automated option

If you don’t want Boardfy to make price changes automatically, you can use our simulator.

You can see what a specific business rule would have done with your current market position and confirm only those price changes you want to make.

The perfect screen

Manual changes

The perfect screen to optimize your prices manually. Consider the prices of your competitors, product ratings, price history, costs, margins and make your price changes from the same screen, without having to leave Boardfy.

After making your selection Boardfy will reposition your products based on your selection in minutes.

The right price at the right time
Equipped with what is necessary for optimal management
Rules 24h

Configure the rules by time sections with total freedom. Raise and lower prices automatically according to your needs.

Respect the MSRP

Easily set a minimum MSRP for each product and make price changes without exceeding it.

Increase your margins

Increase the profit margin for those products in which you are the most competitive. Earn more money without losing your position in the market.

Negative margin alert

Discover in a single glance the products in which you are currently losing money and act before anyone else.

Price changes

You can change your prices from Boardfy with one click. Take advantage of the opportunities to beat your competition.

Save time

Use manual pricing only as support, not as a pillar. Focus on creating a good strategy and let the system manage price changes.

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