Distributors monitoring

Gain a better understanding of your online channel

Understanding your distributors prices with the most advanced monitoring technology available. Monitor prices across websites direcly or across marketplaces or price comparators.

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Monitor your online channel automatically or in a personalized way

Detect your competition in minutes

Marketplaces or price comparison sites tracking

Automatic and unlimited detection of your competitors

Choose the channel on which you want to monitor your online channel and Boardfy will unlimitedly detect all distributors that are selling the same products as you. Upload your catalog and the automatic detection system will do the rest.

Site to site tracking

Manually choose your dsitributors’s websites

Select those distributors that are really relevant to your business. Our team will be responsible for integrating them and linking your products with theirs for you.

With an intelligent product matching system that takes into account hundreds of variables and learns through the most advanced Machine Learning technology.

Monitoring 24/7

Become the fastest in the market

We monitor prices 24 hours a day and we do it at full speed, so that the data you have is real, not from the previous night, or this morning, but from this precise moment in which you need it.

Price history

Follow the evolution of your product’s prices

With our price monitoring tool you will be able to see the price evolution of your distributors and compare them with your own prices over a certain period of time.

This information will help you understand the strategy of your online channel and allow you to detect trends and patterns in their prices. Make smart decisions, increase your income and detect new opportunities in the market.

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Unlimited distributors

We automatically detect your distributors and show you unlimited real-time.

BuyBox + Prime on Amazon

If you have sellers on Amazon, we detect who of your distributors sell in Prime and who has the BuyBox.

Product’s rating

We detect the rating and evolution of the valuations of your products.

Save time

Monitoring prices with Boardfy will save you a lot of hours every day. Can you imagine doing this manually?

Distributors’s rating

Monitor the rating of your distributors on platforms such as Google Shopping or Amazon.

With or without shipping

Configure the platform to display prices with or without the shipping price.

Catalog update

We update your catalog automatically every day and find and monitor new distributors.

Automated alerts

Generate alerts and understand what is happening in your market and with your distributors in real time.

Price evolution

Compare the price evolution of your products with your PVR and order them by distributor.

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