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For Ecommerce

Competitors monitoring

Track your competitors on their websites, Google Shopping, Amazon, Ebay or any other marketplace or price comparison site.

Price Intelligence

A complete dashboard that allows you to study all the Big Data of prices with the objective of knowing the strategy of your competition.

Feed optimizer

Create dynamic ads on Google Shopping, Idealo or Instagram thanks to investing only in real time in your most competitive products.

Dynamic Pricing IA

Change the prices in your online store in real time thanks to Boardfy’s AI, which takes into account more than 400 determining factors.

For Brands

Distributors monitoring

Track your distributors on their websites, Google Shopping, Amazon, Ebay or any other marketplace or price comparison site.

MSRP Variations

Monitor your recommended retail prices and protect your brand. Receive alerts if your distributors start selling below your MSRP.

First-Mover Technology

A cutting-edge technology that allows you to receive alerts identifying who was the first distributor that breached your MSRP in real time.
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Thanks to the sophisticated tracking technology behind Boardfy, we monitor prices at a speed that no other platform can reach.

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Create your account and start monitoring immediately. In a few minutes you will have your catalog uploaded and the information of all your competitors available.

Smart Matching

With 99.9% effectiveness, Boardfy combines Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data with the aim of linking your products with those of your competition.

Customer Success Team

Adapted to your needs. Ask for our Customer Success service and we will assign you a consultant to our team to help you achieve your goals.