Optimise your catalogue, monitor unlimited competitors and change prices with just one click.


Made for Ecommerce & Amazon Sellers

BoardFy detects automatically the competitors, their prices and price variations throughout the day in Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy and United Kingdom.

Sellers can control both their competitors and their own costs, and can change each price from Boardfy with a single click.

Optimise your catalogue

Be more efficient

Detect automatically unlimited competitors

Sorted by country and product quantity

Receive email alerts with price variations

Customised reports available

Get new sale opportunities recommended just for you

And increase your online sales

Integrate your costs and visualise your profits

Discover products which are surprisingly unprofitable

Change your prices with a click

Directly on your Amazon store or CMS

Customized for Brands & Manufacters

Brands and manufacturers can identify who is selling their products and their list prices in real time, which gives them control over MSRP violations.

Introduce your products easily

All your trademarks in one dashboard

Discover automatically who is selling your products

Sorted by country an number of products

Receive customised alerts

The right information at the right moment

Monitor online shop prices

In several marketplaces and countries

Detect who sells your products under the MRSP

And damaging your brand strategy

Reduce costs while increase sales

Our platform will help you with tasks that otherwise would be manually made. It will automatically show you products with a negative operating margin, products where you do not have the Buy Box in Amazon, and help you to optimise your Google Shopping products. Moreover, your sales will increase with our business opportunities, focused on making the most of your operating margins, price gaps and stock availability.


No credit card required