Monitoring prices has never been so easy

Boardfy allows you to control your competitors or distributors prices from any market or country with a unique platform. Optimize your pricing strategy to sell more and obtain more margin in your sales.

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Solutions to keep growing

Competitors monitoring

Tracking the prices of your competitors is the first step to stay more competitive. Discover how our price monitoring software can help you to keep track of your competitors almost in real time.

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Price Intelligence

We analyze yours and your competitors prices to order them and offer you a clear vision of your position in all the markets and countries you would like to. Also we would propose you improvements to optimize your catalogue, helping you to have a better price strategy.

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Dynamic pricing

Change your prices from Boardfy with just one click or activate the automated changes to save time and costs. Do repricing smartly Make repricing intelligently based on the rules you can create, connected and automated with your website, ERP or store on Ebay and Amazon.

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Google Shopping Campaigns Optimization

Improve the performance of your campaigns in Google shopping. We convert the catalogue of your store into an optimized feed with the products in which you are the best price or if you prefer, you can create a feed with customized filters for you. Invest in marketing only where you are most competitive and improve your acquisition costs.

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Brand Hub

If you are a brand or manufacturer, we discover for you who really sell your products online, their sales prices and who violates the MAP prices of your catalogue, avoiding a devaluation of your brand.

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Integrate your needs effortlessly

Connect Boardfy with your store, your ERP or Amazon or Ebay account.
Effortless integration of your preferred system (Prestashop, Magento, Woocomerce, Shopify …) or develop your own connector through our Rest API.

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At Boardfy we don’t disclose our customers

Half of these companies work with us, the other half are being monitored for them.

  • pg

  • unilever

  • orange

  • vodafone

  • petsonic

  • mascoteros