Monitoring your distributors has never been so easy

Control the prices of your distributors and find out who does not comply with your MAP.

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Detect your distributors automatically

We offer you a panoramic view of the quantity, origin and country of all your distributors.

Controls who sells below the PVR

You will know how many products are sold by each distributor and how many are not complying with the MAP.

Receive personalized alerts

Configure them to understand everything that is happening in your online distribution channel.

Know your market and take action

MAP Detection

Establish a recommended sale price for each product and detect which distributors are acummulating the most catalogue infractions.

Personalized filters

Classify your distributors efficiently and focus on what is important by applying filters by category, brand, seller…

Automated matching

Our specialty is to intelligently detect who your main distributors are. Upload your catalog and our platform takes care of the rest.

Exportable reports

You will be able to export all the information that Boardfy offers you of your products in a couple of clicks. Choose the data you need and manage it comfortably.

Near real-time monitoring

We monitor prices 24 hours a day and we do it at full speed, so that the data you have is real and current. Do not miss any detail.

Email alerts

Create personalized alerts to keep track of the evolution of the prices and movements of your distributors with the right information at the right time.

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