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Add your MSRP to Boardfy and control the prices of your distributors to protect your online distribution channel efficiently.

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Control who sells below your MSRP

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Discover who, where and how your products are being sold online

With the MSRP monitoring you will know how many products each vendor sells, how it is positioned in the market, and how many are breaking your prices

Unknown sellers

Detect unauthorized sellers and protect your partners

Thanks to automatic vendor detection, Boardfy allows you to detect unauthorized distributors so you can take action before incidents occur.

Automated alerts

Quickly react to distribution incidents

Configure them to know what is happening in your online distribution channel at any time.

Price history

Get full visibility over your network of vendors

We offer you a panoramic view of the quantity, origin and origin of all your distributors, as well as a complete vision of their performance in the market.

Features to monitor your MSRP
Unlimited distributors and advantages
Custom filters

Classify your distributors efficiently and focus on what is important by applying filters by category, brand, seller or difference with your MSRP.

MSRP detection

Establish a recommended retail price for each product and detect which distributors are the ones that accumulate the most breaches in your catalog.

Automated matching

Our specialty is to detect who your main distributors are. Upload your catalog and our platform takes care of the rest.

Exportable reports

You can export all the information Boardfy offers you about your products in a couple of clicks. Choose the data you need and manage it comfortably.

Los más rápidos del mundo

Monitorizamos precios las 24h y lo hacemos a toda velocidad, para que los datos que tengas sean reales y actuales. No te pierdas ningún detalle.

Email alerts

Create personalized alerts to be aware of the evolution of prices and movements of your distributors with the right information at the right time.

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