Change prices automatically

Making the right price changes, quickly and automatically, at the right time is a competitive advantage over your rivals.

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Available for any ecommerce and

  • google-shopping
  • amazon

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Price monitoring 24h

We monitor prices 24 hours a day and we do it at full speed, so that the data you have is real, and not the information from the previous night.

Unlimited competitors

We detect your competitors without limits in every moment. Total control.

Automated price changes

Create rules of price changes with more than 400 possible combinations. Automate your pricing strategy.

Equipped with what is necessary to make the right pricing

24h Rules

Configure the rules by time frames with total freedom. Increase and decrease prices automatically according to your needs.

Respect the MAP

Establish in a simple way a minimum MAP for each product and make price changes without exceeding it.

Negative margin warning

Discover at a glance the products in which you are currently losing money and act quickly.

Increase your margins

Increase the profit margin for those products in which you are the most competitive. Earn more money without losing your position of advantage.

Price changes

You can change your prices from Boardfy with one click. Take advantage of the opportunities to beat your competition.

Save time

Use manual pricing only as a support, not as a pillar. Focus on creating a good strategy and let the system manage the price changes.

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Synchronize your catalogue with a couple of clicks

Free tools and plugins designed to take full advantage of your online store or your marketplaces stores, thanks to the automatic sync with Boardfy.

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Competitors monitoring

Take advantage of pricing competitive analysis.

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Price Intelligence

Analyze the positions of your competitors
and act according to our recommendations.

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Campaigns optimization

Generate competitive product feeds to optimize your campaigns on Google Shopping.

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Brand Hub

Access to a detailed vision of the market and control the infringements of your brand.

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