Do you want to optimise your Google Shopping campaigns? Come in and find out how much money you can save thanks to Boardfy!

If you have n ecommerce and you spend a good part of your budget on advertising campaigns, you are probably investing in Google Shopping.

This platform is one of the biggest showcases that exist to give visibility to your online shop. More and more users are choosing to buy items directly from Google.

That is why, nowadays if you have an ecommerce, it is almost mandatory to advertise on Google Shopping in order to appear in their search results.

But… are you getting the most out of your Shopping campaigns?

In this post we are going to explain how Boardfy helps you to optimise your campaigns, offering you real knowledge at all times about your position compared to your competitors and about the ranking of all the products in your feed.

But it doesn’t just give you the information, it also allows you to make the necessary adjustments in real time and in an automated way. All supported by an intelligent pricing strategy that will allow you to optimise your Google Shopping campaigns with a spectacular level of precision.

Increase your ROAS with Boardfy!

Thanks to Boardfy our clients are lowering their cost per conversion:

They are experiencing a 15-20% increase in sales, while saving up to 35% on their Google Shopping campaigns.


By optimising their campaigns by improving conversions based on all the information provided by Boardfy: the world’s fastest dynamic pricing and monitoring tool.

Analyse your competition by monitoring their prices

The first step you must take is to identify and monitor your competition: only by knowing who you are up against will you have any chance of winning the battle.

Boardfy has a multitude of integrations so you can load your feed from Google Merchant Center and from the main e-commerce platforms.

Once your entire catalogue is loaded, it will crawl all the marketplaces you want, including Google Shopping, to monitor who is selling your products.

OK, now that you know the names and surnames of your competitors, it’s time to track and monitor their prices 24 hours a day.


To know where you stand against them at all times.

You will have a real-time price comparator that will tell you if you are more expensive, cheaper or if you are equal in price with each seller and with each product.

Appear in the results only when your price is competitive.

Why show your products in Google Shopping ads when you have the worst price?

Or, for example, with those items that are not profitable for you because of their price or low profit margin.

Show yourself to your potential customers only when you are the best and with the products you are most interested in.

We know that your ads are not free by any means, that’s why it is important to improve conversions as much as you can.

Boardfy identifies your winners and losers.

Boardfy continuously monitors prices, with a maximum delay of 4 hours. Every time there is a change, it automatically transfers it to both the product information in your ecommerce and in the Google platform.

This allows you to always have an up-to-date ranking of your products compared to the prices of your competitors.

This way you can bid strongly for your winning products and withdraw directly from bidding on those that you have no chance of selling.

Not only that, you can create smart pricing strategies, so Boardfy can make the necessary adjustments. As long as it’s within your price range, it will ensure that you have the highest number of winning products at all times.

Get ahead of your rivals thanks to the speed of Boardfy!

Be the first to make the first move to become the best competitor and stand out from the crowd.

And most importantly, automatically transfer that information to your campaigns to increase your sales and reduce your cost per click.

Get the most out of your Google Shopping ads by creating optimised campaigns and having a good strategy.

Improve your campaigns with our Price Intelligence and Dynamic Pricing.

Don’t know what they can do for you?

They will help you create smart and dynamic pricing strategies.

Boardfy can change prices autonomously and quickly both in your ecommerce and in the Merchant Center and other platforms where you have a presence.

Being first usually pays off!

Automate the pricing of your products based on your competitors’ prices.

Thanks to the accuracy of our price monitoring software, you can compare identical products with each other.

From the Boardfy dashboard you will see for each product and per competitor whether you are above or below them in terms of price and rating.

In addition, with Boardfy you can calculate your costs, set your minimum and maximum price and control your profit margin.

Boardfy puts all the potential of its artificial intelligence at your service!

Comparing prices and having the cost of the products well calculated will be key to be able to set precise rules that can be executed automatically without fear of making a mistake.

You will be able to create different strategies for each type of campaign depending on the classification of the product at any given moment.

This will allow you to optimise your campaigns and increase your Shopping Ads sales.


Because you will always be bidding for more impressions on those products that are more likely to get a click and a sale.

Of course, you can also run manual simulations before making any changes.

Bonus tips to optimise your Google Shopping campaigns

Boardfy can do a lot of valuable work for you, saving you time and money, but there are other things you also need to keep in mind to make sure everything runs smoothly.

First of all, make sure you have your Google Shopping account set up correctly.

In addition to checking your Google account, here are 3 tips that can help you optimise your Google Shopping campaign 100%.

Let’s go with them!

  1. Fill in all the fields in your feed: the more accurate your product information is, the more likely you are to receive impressions on the right search intent.
  2. Use negative keywords: they will prevent you from appearing in results that don’t interest you.
  3. Take care of the images: try to make them good quality and attractive. Remember that in Google Shopping ads, after the price, the first thing users look at is the image.

Take care of that and let Boardfy take care of things like:

  • Identify your competition
  • Monitor your prices
  • Develop smart, dynamic and automated pricing strategies.
  • Execute all the necessary price variations to be the best competitor as long as your margins allow you to do so.
  • Synchronise your ecommerce with the other platforms where you sell your products, including Google Shopping.

Oh, and to ask… also ask it to do it very quickly, practically in real time!

If you want to optimise your Google Shopping campaigns and save money, trust Boardfy!

These are the figures that our clients are achieving thanks to Boardfy:

  • 15-20% increase in Google Shopping sales.
  • 35% savings on Google Shopping campaigns.

And what do you decide?

Did you know that you can try Boardfy from 19€/month without permanence?

Ask for a free demo and feel the speed!

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