How to sell on Google Shopping and get the most out of your campaigns

For years now, the number of online purchases has been growing steadily. However, the pandemic was undoubtedly the definitive boost that e-commerce needed for both consumers and retailers.

A large number of companies and entrepreneurs were forced to create online stores in order to sell the products they were stocking in their physical stores, which were closed due to the restrictions applied.

Without a doubt, this new way of doing business is here to stay, but the competition is now much greater than before. Therefore, it is often necessary to resort to digital marketing strategies to increase your sales.

If you have an e-commerce, surely you have ever used, or have considered using, Google Shopping to sell your products. Logical, it is estimated that more than 6 billion Google searches are performed every day… And, considering that Google Shopping is directly linked to them, it seems foolish not to take advantage of the opportunity to sell on Google by sneaking into some of those millions of search results.

For all those who have not yet dared, or believe that they can improve the results of their campaigns, we have created this post where we explain what Google Shopping is, what you need to sell through this channel and how you can optimize your Google Shopping campaigns to sell more while investing less.

What is Google Shopping and how does it work?

The products that are sold through a Google Shopping campaign appear in the form of a carousel at the top of our screens, above the Google search results. You could say that it acts as a comparator, since, at a glance, you can see different offers for the product or type of product you are looking for.

But what exactly is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a type of campaign that Google Ads offers you to sell all the products you have in your online store.

It is not a marketplace like Amazon. It is just a way to connect your products with the search engine of the technological giant. Anyone who clicks on your ad, will be directed to your e-commerce platform, because it will be there where the purchase will be finalized in case you get the sale.

Google shopping is actually a product directory that is linked to the searches made on Google. Through a bidding system, Google shows those results that it considers most relevant and that meet the necessary conditions to be able to appear in the Google Shopping ads section.

Below, we explain some of the requirements you must meet.

Advantages of selling on Google Shopping

Still don’t know the advantages and benefits of Google Shopping?

Selling through this Google platform has many advantages. Here we explain some of the most important ones:

Get qualified visits for your e-commerce.

As you know, the difficult thing sometimes is not to get traffic to your website, but to get quality traffic. That is to say, that it has the intention of buying your product.

And that is one of the main benefits of Google Shopping: it allows you to bring qualified customers to your online store.

Remember that Google Shopping results are linked to the user’s search intent. Therefore, if you opt for this type of Google campaign, you ensure that people who view your products are at least interested in them. In addition, thanks to all the information you can provide in the ad, if they click on it, it is because they really intend to buy it.

Sell even if you are not known

Making a niche in the market is complicated. Even if you have a good product and a good price, sometimes it is not easy to get it.

Google Shopping helps you reach your potential customers even if they don’t know you.

Take advantage of this tool to get users to give you that first opportunity you need. Show the reviews you have to gain the trust of your potential customer. Choosing a good product image can also help you get that precious click.

Appear on the first page

To appear on the first page you must work hard on your content and SEO strategy. But there is another way to achieve this…

Exactly, sell your products on Google Shopping.

You don’t need to have a good positioning to get impressions. By creating a campaign of this type, you can sneak in and get those transactional clicks that have a good chance of turning into sales.

Outperform your competition

Believe it or not, relatively few businesses use Google Shopping to promote their products. Get ahead of your competition and be the first to do it before they take advantage of the situation. Or surpass those who have a better organic positioning than you.

Remember to take care of the image and the product card to have more chances of being the chosen option.

What do you need to sell on Google Shopping?

As we have already told you, Google Shopping is not a marketplace, so you need to have an online store or e-commerce platform where you can finalize the transaction.

But this is not the only requirement. Here we summarize the 3 main conditions that you must meet to be able to sell products on Google Shopping:

  1. Have an online store or a platform that allows e-commerce.
  2. Have a Google Ads account to create your ad group.
  3. Have a Google Merchant Center account to upload the list of products you want to sell.

Steps to sell on Google Shopping

If you meet these 3 requirements that we have told you, you are closer to being able to start creating a Google Shopping campaign.

Now you just need to take a few more steps…

1. Upload your product list (feed) to your Merchant Center account.

We advise you to use the same Google account to create your Google Ads and Google Merchant Center account. Doing this will make the whole process easier for you.

When creating a product feed to sell on Google Shopping keep these tips in mind:

Check all the fields it should include and don’t leave any out. Creating a feed manually can take many days, especially if you have a large catalog. Help yourself whenever you can with an application that takes care of this task. Take care of the image and the information you are going to give. Think about what your potential customers are going to see on the results page.

2. Link your Google Merchant Center account with your Google Ads account.

In order to sell on Google Shopping, you must first link your Google Ads and Merchant Center accounts. This configuration step is essential for both platforms to share the necessary information to launch your campaigns.

3. Create and activate your Google Shopping campaign

Now you only have to create your first campaign. To do so, you will have to configure all the parameters requested (target, budget, scope, etc.).

Within the Shopping campaigns, you can choose between 2 types:

  • Smart campaign (automatic)
  • Standard campaigns (manual)

Tips to sell more and better on Google Shopping

Performing a good campaign setup is essential, but there are other tricks that can help you optimize your Google Shopping campaigns:

Enable customer reviews.

Being able to see the reviews or ratings of the products, makes it easier for the customer to give you their trust. We all like to know the opinion of those who have already purchased the product, so we make sure it meets our expectations before giving our credit card.

Product ratings displayed by Google can be obtained in several ways and range from 0 to 5 stars. The higher the rating, the more likely you are to be noticed.

Take care of your titles and product listing

To stand out from the competition and get the click, it is important that you take care of the texts you are going to display. Try to specify as much relevant information as possible so that your customer is clear that your option is just what he needs.

Use negative keywords to help you

In Google Shopping you can’t bid on specific keywords, but you can use negative keywords to define in which searches you don’t want to appear.

Choose attractive and good quality images

As we have already mentioned in this article, selecting a good image of the product can make the customer choose your option. Undoubtedly, he will be wary of those photos where it is not clear what is being sold or whose quality is low. For example, he may think that it is not an original item.

Also, keep in mind that your ads are also a reflection of your brand.

Use Boardfy

Did you know that Boardfy has specific utilities for Google Shopping?

For example, our Google Shopping campaign optimizer allows you to have permanently tagged, automatically, the products of your catalog in Google Merchant Center.

What does this mean?

That any of your products will always have a “better/equal/worse” label indicating, in each case, if your product has a better price or not than that of your competitors. Thanks to this system, you will avoid bidding on campaigns where your product is not competitive at that moment.

In other words, you will optimize your Google Ads budget because you will only bid on those campaigns where you have a real chance of winning. Therefore, you will have a good chance of converting the clicks you get into sales.

Get the most out of your campaigns by selling more and investing less with Boardfy!

How to optimize your Google Shopping campaigns with Boardfy

The tech giant focuses its efforts on Google Shopping to make the shopping experience simple and efficient for the user.

It allows you to display product images directly in your search results and link them to landing pages, where customers can finalize the purchase.

The advantages of selling on Google Shopping, as you have already seen, are many. But everything has a cost…

Boardfy helps you increase your sales by minimizing your investment in Google Ads.


  • By improving the conversion rate.
  • By analyzing your competition and tracking their prices.
  • Bidding only when you have a real chance of getting the click.
  • Identifying your winners and losers.
  • Being the fastest.
  • Automating actions.
  • Applying state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence.

Boardfy is your best ally to sell on Google Shopping

To win a battle it is essential to know your enemies perfectly and choose your allies very well.

Boardfy will be your best partner to sell more and better on Google Shopping and, moreover, you can try it for free.

Trust Boardfy to optimize your campaigns and save money Our customers are increasing their sales on Google Shopping by 15-20% while reducing their investment in Google Ads by 35%.

And you… What do you decide?

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